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SLIDESHOW: Seattle makes coats. Here, a classic model from Freeman.

Three of anything equals a trend, right?

Awhile back I introduced you to Wraphabillement the locally designed outerwear company from Elizabeth Roberts.

And then I got wind of Lila Getty by Bellevue designer Sheila Getz. While Wraphabillement is due to hit Nordstrom stores in spring, the three styles in this line are currently offered at David Lawrence at the Bravern. Where Roberts’ wraps are made in Canada, Getz’s are a domestic product.

Not long after I made the above comparisons, I heard about Freeman, a real homegrown kind of thing putting out a very clean-lined, classic product. Domestic? Even better: totally local.

Of course, it’s no head scratcher. Seattle designers make outerwear; SoCal designers make swimwear. (Though that’s no hard-and-fast either—remember last summer’s Seattle-made swimwear craze?)

But it seems an especially tough row to hoe in terms of emerging lines. Or is it just me? When you’re shopping—whether for coats, dresses, or button-downs—do you look for designers you know and trust? When and with what inspiration are you able to make a jump for a new line? Or maybe the question is, “at what price point?”

Ponder these, and click through the slideshow here to see looks from all three local designers. Then let us know what you think.

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