Oh, Vera. Rentals? Really?

Women’s Wear Daily reported on Friday (subscription required to read full article) that Black by Vera Wang, the designer’s first menswear collection, will launch this spring. The line consists of black and gray tuxedos that will be offered for rent at Men’s Wearhouse. We have so far been unable to confirm that Seattle’s outposts will carry Black.

Last year the previously high-end gown designer announced a diffusion line with David’s Bridal; Men’s Wearhouse, as noted in the WWD report, is the tuxedo partner for David’s Bridal. That’s the aha moment.

Here’s what Doug Ewert of the budget suiting chain had to say about the tie-in. “Eighty-five percent of the rental market is weddings and the bride is the decision maker,” he told WWD. “The first thing that a girl does when she gets engaged is start shopping for a dress. And we will get in front of her very early in the process.” Meaning, one supposes, Black by Vera Wang signage all over David’s Bridal.

The CEO’s statement that "The bride is the decision maker," conjures up old school images of dictators in white tulle and guys who will do anything just to get to the other side of the ceremony and all the planning that comes before it. We don’t see many grooms like that at Seattle Met Bride & Groom. The couples we intersect with work as a team, and like most grown adults, each decides what he or she would like to wear.

Of course, we always counsel gentlemen to consider a custom-made suit for the big day. Alternately: something off the rack that’s been hemmed and tucked as needed, but hopefully something that was cut for his body and fits him as well as the bride’s dress fits her. Picture an average wedding gathering of 150 people or so. Does it make any sense that the only five or six folks in someone else’s ill-fitting attire are the groom and his groomsmen?

Even if Vera Wang designed the narrow, 2.5 inch collar?

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