Right now you or someone you know is frequently overwhelmed by the thought of just one wedding, but check this out: A few weeks ago, a British couple who are getting married over and over again as they travel around the world came through our town and tied the knot, for the eighth time, in Seattle.

One of their vendors reached out to me via Twitter, I eventually connected with Alex and Lisa, and we had the conversation below. I figured there must be something the rest of you could learn from a couple crazy-in-love enough to travel for two years and say "I do" all across the planet..

WWW: Take us back to the conversation that started it all. What’s the original idea behind this epic wedding trip? You even have something of a brand—this 2 People 1 Life idea—How much of this is about the social media hype and buzz?
Lisa: As soon as we got together three years ago (after knowing each other for ten years) we knew we wanted to travel. We would like to find somewhere else in the world to live so we planned to travel for a year and find that place. We started saving and as time passed we decided we would like to get married someday too. Whilst still planning our trip we started looking at places in the UK to get married before we left. We always like to be a little different but the most unique wedding location we could find as we were looking was the London Eye and it just didn’t quite inspire us…so we decided that as well as looking for somewhere to live we would look for a wedding venue too.

We decided to blog about the places we found so we could share with similar minded people. One morning we were sat at the breakfast table talking about our trip and the plan and it was just like a lightbulb. We looked at each other and Alex said to me, “Why don’t we just do it?” as in, why don’t we have a wedding ceremony everywhere we go? How better to tell people about these great wedding locations all over the world than to gather the people needed to create whatever you want and then blog all about it!

Neither of us have really used social media for any other reason than socialising on Facebook, but as we set off on our travels we started a Twitter account and found that it is a great way to network and meet people around the world before we even arrive. The Seattle wedding was the first one we started to arrange before we arrived and that was mainly through Twitter contacts.

Seattle was your eighth city and eighth wedding. Tell us about a few of the others.
Wedding number one was completely planned by Alex in three weeks and involved 25 local businesses who all gave something including a wedding dress, fish and chips, and photography to name a few. The wedding was in our hometown, Didsbury Manchester, and was a complete surprise to me. I found out about it when he confessed on the day of the wedding which was also the day before we flew to Toronto to begin our journey around the world.

Wedding #2: Quebec in a beautiful Vineyard with a chapel and a heart shaped lake.

Wedding #3: On a rock in Honeymoon Lake in Michigan. The congregation stood in the shallow water around the rock and the pontoon captain held the service from his boat which we pulled as close to the rock as we could.

Wedding #4: In Banff on Horseback.

Wedding #5: Neck Point Beach in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island; the ceremony was held by a member of the First Nations Community there. It was a very traditional ceremony at sunset.

Wedding #6: YVR International Airport in the main terminal. The ceremony was held by Jaeger Mah who is living in the airport for 80 consecutive days and nights to celebrate the airport’s 80th anniversary.

Wedding #7: Hawaii, at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. It was a beautiful traditional Hawaiian ceremony held by a Hawaiian Kahu (priest) in front of the dolphin lagoon. After the ceremony we went into the water in our wedding clothes and met the dolphins. From there we had a sunset dinner at the beautiful Buddah Point.

And then, Pike Place Market. The wedding was at the pergola and afterwards we walked the market, Post Alley and to the gum wall for pictures and then enjoyed nachos, pizza, and jugs of ale with the wedding team at Pike Brewery.

What was your favorite thing about the vows you took in Seattle?
Reverend Eric Warn held the ceremony for us under the pergola at the North entrance to the market. We loved the intimacy of the vows and how Eric made it so easy for us to focus on him and each other even though there was so much going on around us. Eric asked us to exchange a single flower to symbolise our love for each other and asked us that “in remembrance of this day and as a reaffirmation of your love and of the vows you have spoken here today, please give each other a single rose each year on your anniversary.” He also asked that when it gets difficult , instead of finding words to express that, to place a single flower on the other person’s pillow to say "I remember our vows and I love you."

What other vendors were involved in your Seattle celebration? What did you wear?
Charlotte Balbier, a UK designer, very kindly gave me the gown I wore for the Seattle wedding—I have worn it for three other ceremonies.

Diamond Custom Floral made the boutonierre; Modern Mood Design did the bouquet. Jonas Seaman was our photographer; Kelli Bielema of Shindig Events, Tawsha Box Connell of Wedding Preview Event Seattle was so helpful, and BellaUmbrella provided a parasol incase of rain.

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