Tim Eyman's Initiative 1125 would place new restrictions on tolls---requiring that tolls be spent on the road where they're levied; prohibiting tolls from paying for light rail; retiring tolls once a project is paid off; requiring the legislature, not the state transportation commission, to set toll rates; and banning variable tolls, tolls that vary based on time of day or traffic levels.

Supporters say 1125 simply restores historic state tolling policies, which protect taxpayers by ensuring that tolls are predictable, fair, and don't go on forever. Opponents say the measure would leave projects like the SR-520 bridge and the downtown deep-bore tunnel hundreds of millions of dollars short and scuttle voter-approved light rail to the Eastside.

Initiative sponsor Eyman and Microsoft senior lobbyist DeLee Shoemaker square off in this week's ThinkTank. Microsoft has contributed $700,000 to defeat Eyman's initiative and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer contributed $100,000 last week.
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