Poutine, it’s right up there with brunch as far as Seattle obsessions go.

Word from a trusty source says the kitchen at The Coterie Room is whipping up the best, most precise plate this city’s seen for some time. Curious, I called owner-chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough to learn more about it. Here, they break down their newfangled approach.

The fries They’re of the steak variety (larger, they allow optimal mopping of gravy without losing heft). They’re blanched and cooked a bit longer so as to stay crisper, then tossed in chives, salt, rosemary, and oil—lending “an herbaceous note to the potato.”

The gravy This, say McT, is the clincher. The sauce is rich with pork trotter and braised pork shoulder, and reduced to a consistency so exact it took them a week to perfect. (They wanted to ensure it coated the fries evenly rather than just sit on top.) “It’s almost like a demi-glace.”

The cheese Beecher’s. Breaded then fried and lightly salted. The result: a crispy outside, gooey inside.

The dressing An assortment of herbs and spices, lemon juice, oil, and salt and pepper makes for an herby and fragrant finish. They say the freshness helps nullify that uh-oh gut bomb sensation one often experiences post-poutine.

There you have it. Thoughts? Sound like the stuff of poutine legend? Think you’ve tasted Seattle’s best plate elsewhere?

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