Seattle's News Elixir

1) Your daily Morning Fizz
2) Erica reports on the council's tunnel hearing.
3) Re: the giant story that's unfolding in Egypt.
4) Seattle Weekly goes all true crime for a blockbuster feature story.
5) What's the worst intersection in Seattle?
6) Council backs off from Yellow-Pages recycling fee.
7) Legislators cue up big environmental bills in Olympia.
8 ) Your daily Afternoon Jolt. Kids lose. McKenna wins.
9) O'Brien staffer resigns.
10) Youth revolution? Never mind Egypt. Check out state Sen. Scott White's bill to give 14-year-olds the vote!
11) Suburbs pollute more than cities.
12) Last Night: Erica has a new hero who makes soup.
13) PubliCola is hosting a debate about cars tomorrow night.
14) Tunnel consultants: "Trust us."
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