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Kathleen Flinn Changing Courses, Viking/Penguin (2011);
The Sharper Your Knife the Less You Cry, Penguin (2008)
Kurt Timmermeister Growing a Farmer, W. W. Norton (2011)
Langdon Cook Fat of the Land, Skipstone Press (2009)
Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet Modernist Cuisine, The Cooking Lab (2010)

Cooking Schools

Art of the Pie @katemcdermott, artofthepie@gmail.com, artofthepie.com
Diane’s Market Kitchen 1101 Post Ave, Downtown, 206-624-6114, dianesmarketkitchen.com
NuCulinary 6523 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-932-3855; nuculinary.com


Burning Beast burningbeast.com
New Guard hopegrocery.com
One Pot @onepot, onepot.org
Outstanding in the Field outstandinginthefield.com
Walrus and the Carpenter Oyster Picnic @taylorshellfish, taylorshellfishfarms.com/ourfarms-totteninlet

Farms, Farmers Markets, and Farmers Market Vendors

Alvarez Farms 300 Murray Rd, Mabton, 509-837-2381
Columbia City Farmers Market Rainier Ave S & S Edmunds St, Columbia City, 206-547-2278; seattlefarmersmarkets.org/markets
Foraged and Found Edibles @foragedandfound, 866-951-1031; foragedandfoundedibles.com
Full Circle Farms @fullcirclefarm, 31904 NE Eighth St, Carnation, 425-333-4677; fullcirclefarm.com
Georgetown Farmers Market 6000 Airport Way S, Georgetown; georgetownfarmersmarket.wordpress.com
Kurtwood Farms @kurtwoodfarms, kurtwoodfarms.com
Loki Fish @lokifishco, 309 S Cloverdale St, West Seattle, 206-937-1048; lokifish.com
Oxbow Organic Farm 10819 Carnation Duvall Rd NE, Carnation, 425-788-1134; oxbow.org
Pike Place Market @pike_place, First Ave & Pike St, Downtown, 206-682-7453; pikeplacemarket.org
Queen Anne Farmers Market @qafarmersmarket, Queen Anne Ave N & W Crockett St, Queen Anne, 206-428-1983; qafma.org
Secret Stash Sea Salt @secretstashsalt, secretsalts.com
Tiny’s Organic @tinysorganic 206-293-0633; tinysorganic.com

Food Trucks

Los Agaves 425-241-8131; losagaves.net
Marination Mobile @_curb_cuisine, marinationmobile.com
Maximus/Minimus @somepigseattle, 206-601-5510; maximus-minimus.com
Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream @parfaiticecream, 206-941-4679; parfait-icecream.com
Skillet Street Food @skilletstfood; skilletstreetfood.com
Street Treats @streettreatswa; streettreatswa.com

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Amy Pennington @gogogreengarden, gogogreengarden.com
Anna Roth @annaroth
Bill Vingelen @farmerbillv, theherbfarm.com
Cheryl “The Pig Lady” Ouellette cherylthepiglady.com
Chris Young intellectualventures.com
Christina Choi @nettletown, nettletown.com
Diane Skwiercz @streettreatswa, streettreatswa.com
Donna Moodie @marjoriecaphill, marjorierestaurant.com
Ericka Burke @volunteerpark, alwaysfreshgoodness.com
Hajime Sato @sushiwhore, sushiwhore.com
Heather Earnhardt @volunteerpark, alwaysfreshgoodness.com
Jeremy Faber @foragedandfound,foragedandfoundedibles.com
Joshua Henderson @skilletstfood, skilletstreetfood.com
Kamala Saxton @curb_cuisine, marinationmobile.com
Kathleen Flinn @katflinn, kathleenflinn.com
Kathy Casey @kathycaseychef, kathycasey.com
Kim O’Donnel @canvolution, canningacrossamerica.com
Kurt Timmermeister @kurtwoodfarms
Kylen McCarthy @marjoriecaphill, marjorierestaurant.com
Langdon Cook @langdoncook, fat-of-the-land.blogspot.com
Mark Fuller @markrfuller, springhillnorthwest.com
Matt Dillon @corsonbuilding, thecorsonbuilding.com, sitkaandspruce.com
Renee Erickson @boatstreet, boatstreetcafe.com
Roz Edison @curb_cuisine, marinationmobile.com
Scott Heimendinger @seattlefoodgeek, seattlefoodgeek.com
Shannon Galusha @bastilleseattle, bastilleseattle.com
Surly Gourmand @surlygourmand, surlygourmand.blogspot.com
Tom Douglas @tomdouglasco, tomdouglas.com
Tyler Palagi @springhill_ws, springhillnorthwest.com
Whitney Ricketts @whitneyricketts



Bastille Café and Bar @bastilleseattle, 5307 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard, 206-453-5014; bastilleseattle.com
Boat Street Cafe @boatstreet, 3131 Western Ave, Queen Anne, 206-632-4602; boatstreetcafe.com
Canlis @canlis, 2576 Aurora Ave N, Queen Anne, 206-283-3313; canlis.com
The Corson Building @corsonbuilding, 5609 Corson Ave S, Georgetown, 206-762-3330; thecorsonbuilding.com
Dish D’Lish @dishdlish, 5136 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard, 206-789-8121; kathycasey.com/dish_d_lish
Elemental @ Gasworks 3309 Wallingford Ave N, Wallingford, 206-547-2317; elementalatgasworks.com
Elliott Bay Café 101 S Main St, Pioneer Square, 206-682-6664; elliottbaycafe.com
Harvest Vine @harvestvine, 2701 E Madison St, Madison Valley, 206-320-9771; harvestvine.com
Kings BBQ 303 12th Ave S, Central District, 206-720-4715 and 518 Sixth Ave S, International District, 206-622-2828
Lark @larkseattle, 926 12th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-323-5275; larkseattle.com
The Herbfarm @herbguy, 14590 NE 145th St, Woodinville, 425-485-5300; theherbfarm.com
Homegrown @homegrownian, 1531 Melrose Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-682-0935 and 3416 Fremont Ave N, Fremont, 206-453-5232; eathomegrown.com
Marjorie @marjoriecaphill, 1412 E Union St, Capitol Hill, 206-441-9842; marjorierestaurant.com
Mashiko @sushiwhore, 4725 California Ave, West Seattle, 206-935-4339; sushiwhore.com
Nettletown @nettletown, 2238 Eastlake Ave E, Eastlake, 206-588-3607; nettletown.com
Oddfellows Cafe and Bar @oddfellowscafe, 1525 10th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-325-0807; oddfellowscafe.com
Poppy @poppyseattle, 622 Broadway E, Capitol Hill, 206-324-1108; poppyseattle.com
Sitka and Spruce 1531 Melrose Ave E, Capitol Hill, 206-324-0662; sitkaandspruce.com
Spring Hill @springhill_ws, 4437 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-935-1075; spring
Stumbling Goat bistro 6722 Greenwood Ave N, Greenwood, 206-784-3535; stumblinggoat.com
Tilth @mariahines, 1411 N 45th St, Wallingford, 206-633-0801; tilthrestaurant.com
Trellis @heathmanhotel, 220 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, 425-284-5900; heathmankirkland.com
Volunteer Park Cafe and Marketplace @volunteerpark, 1501 17th Ave E, Capitol Hill, 206-328-3155; alwaysfreshgoodness.com



Bargreen Ellingson 3627 First Ave S, SoDo, 206-682-1472; bargreen.com
Bill the Butcher @theonlymeat, 800-781-3677; billthebutcher.us
Calf and Kid @calfandkid, 1531 Melrose Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-467-5447; calfandkid.com
Claudio Corallo @claudiocorallo 2122 Westlake Ave, Belltown, 206-859-3534; claudiocorallochocolate.com
Creminelli Fine Meat creminelli.com
Dahlia Bakery @tdrbakery_, 2001 Fourth Ave, Belltown, 206-441-4540; tomdouglas.com/index.php/restaurants/dahlia-bakery
DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine 1435 First Ave, Pike Place Market, 206-622-0141; delaurenti.com
Emerald Market Supply 1526 First Ave S, SoDo, 206-241-7004; marketsupply.com
Fumie’s Gold 10045 NE First St, Bellevue, 425-223-5893
Grateful Bread 7001 35th Ave NE, Wedgwood, 206-525-3166; gratefulbreadbaking.com
Ikea 601 SW 41st St, Renton, 425-656-2980; ikea.com
Marigold and Mint @mintmarigold, 1531 Melrose Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-682-3111;
Macrina Bakery visit macrinabakery.com for locations
Melrose Market @melrosemarket, Between Pine and Pike Sts on Melrose Ave, Capitol Hill; melrosemarketseattle.com
Metropolitan Market @metmarket, visit metropolitan-market.com for locations
Paris Grocery 1418 Western Ave, Pike Place Market, 206-682-0679; parisgroceryseattle.com
Picnic @picnicseattle, 6801 Greenwood Ave N, Phinney Ridge, 206-453-5867; picnicseattle.com
Rain Shadow Meats @rainshadowmeats, 1531 Melrose Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-467-6328; rainshadowmeats.com
Saltworks 800-353-7258; saltworks.us
Savour @savour_seattle, 2242 NW Market St, Ballard, 206-789-0775; savourspecialtyfoods.com
Sur La Table @sur_la_table, multiple locations, surlatable.com
Theo Chocolate @theochocolate, 3400 Phinney Ave N, Fremont, 206-632-5100; theochocolate.com
Tokara 6208 Phinney Ave N, Phinney Ridge, 206-784-0226; tokaragashi.com
Whole Foods @wholefoods, visit wholefoodsmarket.com for locations

This article appeared in the August 2010 issue of Seattle Met Magazine.

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