Seattle's News Elixir

1. Your daily Morning Fizz. Disses all around—from Dino Rossi to Marcee Stone to "The Establishment."
2. City Council member Richard Conlin's pitch for the downtown tunnel? Disingenuous, Dan Bertolet says.
3. An unscientific Seattle Channel poll has McGinn's disapproval rating at 82 percent.
4. Where's Gov. Gregoire? In D.C., trying to get federal funding for state health insurance.
5. If the county fails to pass a sales tax to pay for criminal justice, the city could end up with that money.
6. Check out Camden's awesome, epic feature on insurgent Democrat Lillian Kaufer's small but potent campaign against incumbent Democratic state Sen. Steve Hobbs.
7. The World Trade Organization protesters were wrong (or so says Josh): WTO finds government subsidies gave Airbus an unfair advantage over Boeing.
8. Cars parked in bike lanes: BikeNerd has had enough.
9. Feminist bloggers dig Sen. Patty Murray's effort to secure funding for homeless female veterans and homeless vets with children.
10. On other blogs today: Well-funded campaigns on both sides of I-1098, anti-choicers don't like Dino, "irregularities" in the 27th District, and more.
11. City council member Mike O'Brien's crusade against automatic phone-book delivery hits home.
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