I just got off the phone with DeVon Manier, the head of Sportn' Life Records to get the rundown on tonight's $5.00 Basement Party taking place at the Comet Tavern.

In addition to being a SXSW sendoff party with the label's main artists (Fatal Lucciano, D. Black, and Spaceman) all heading down to perform in Austin, Texas next week, Manier told me: "It's actually our seventh anniversary party. We had our five year anniversary two years ago and even though this isn't a big milestone, we want folks to come on out and celebrate seven years of good music."

Sportn' Life has come along way during those seven years and now stand as a legitimate music force within Seattle. The label's younger artists, R&B singer Marissa, and rapper SK will be showing off some new music tonight as well.

As for why they decided to call it a $5.00 Basement Party even though the Comet doesn't have a basement:

"If you've ever gone to a show at the comet, it kind of reminds you of how hip-hop used to be," Manier said. "It's real grimy, there's no big lights or big stage, it's just got that old school basement party feeling to it. And we wanted to make it five bucks so that it's affordable for people."

Given that every artist on the label will be releasing EPs at some point this year, tonight should be a good peek at what's to come.

Doors are at 9 p.m., show starts at 10 p.m., and it's 21+.

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