Seawall Diagram

Image via SDOT.

Although McGinn advisor Chris Bushnell (Haugen) resigned yesterday, the city will still scrap all of the bids it received to build the downtown Seattle seawall, thanks to a conflict of interest involving the company Bushnell's wife works for.

Last week, McGinn's office announced that the city would be reissuing a request for qualifications (RFQ) for companies to design the seawall, after discovering that Bushnell's wife Megan worked for a company that was on one of the design teams seeking work on the project.

Although the conflict, obviously, no longer exists, Matassa says the city has no choice but to move forward with the rebidding process; "the original bids were formally rejected, and we can't just go back" and un-reject them," Matassa says.

The re-bidding process will set the project back about four weeks. Rick Sheridan, a spokesman for the Seattle Department of Transportation, says rebidding the project will cost the city the equivalent of about 40 staff hours.
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