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Q: When is a wedding gown not a wedding gown?

A: When it’s simply a gorgeous party dress that happens to be on the shoulders of the star of a wedding.

Full disclosure: I wore a pink, knee-length, high-necked halter-top, ‘60s party dress to my own wedding, and I’m not a pink kind of girl, and I rarely wear sleeveless anything, and I’m more ‘20s or ’40s than ’60s. Then again, it was my second wedding — and this dress was pretty amazing — and I figured, why not? But we’re not talking about me, are we?

No, sorry. Not at all. We’re talking about you, and Madina Vadache, and a pop-up shop in her honor at Patricia Cameron Gallery. The sometimes-local designer presents her fall holiday collection at a two-day show this weekend.

If you’re considering something not entirely traditional for your wedding, or if you’re in the market for pre- and/or post- ceremony change-ups (can’t wait til you see the Real Weddings in our winter/spring 2011 edition, out at the end of December, in which one of the brides featured wore four different frocks throughout the evening, one by Mme. Vadache), you might consider dropping by. The designer will be on hand, so even if you’ve got something super-traditional and wholly your own in mind, you ought to take the opportunity to swing by and chat with her. Her enthusiasm for the pageantry and transformation of fashion comes through in person just as it does in her party dresses and celebratory gowns.

The shop runs Saturday, December 4 and Sunday, December 5 from noon til 5; Patricia Cameron Gallery is at 234 Dexter Ave N. You may RVSP by calling 206-343-9647

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