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What’s up with everyone moving into Bellevue Square? As of tomorrow, the new Ann Taylor store and the still-pretty-new Report Footwear shop will have a new neighbor: Vince.

You know the name if you shop at Nordstrom; it pops up at little boutiques too — kind of wherever draped jersey and slightly off knitwear can find a home for themselves. But the all-Vince all-the-time Bellevue store is the 16th such retail outpost for the eight-year-old brand.

If you, like me, love a good coed shopping experience you’ll want to make note of the fact that Vince offers dudely plaids and feminine biker jackets. Definitely something(s) for him and her.


Remember when Veritables in Mad Valley was having a sale to make room for change and we didn’t know too much more than that? I know a good deal more now. Design 10301, a now two-store collective (the first is in Bellevue, on Main Street) that houses Jarbo, the line of Seattle-based designer Sharon Roth, has cozied in. Veritables’ furniture and larger decor pieces are sold exclusively in the Bellevue shop; the Seattle store concentrates on gifts, accessories, jewelry, and smaller decor pieces and leaves room for vaguely Japanese-feeling boxy sweaters made of hand-dyed Italian wool that’s been cut and sewn in Seattle. More to the point: I bought one myself, which is what I meant by knowing a great deal more.

And there’s a new outpost of Urban Hardwoods down on First and Virginia near Peter Miller Books. The shop is called Urban House, though the neon sign says House Urban. Don’t let that confuse you. It’s what’s inside that counts: gorgeous reclaimed local wood fashioned into timeless furniture pieces. You can see a stunning example in our holiday gift guide if you’d like, but be sure to check out the real deal, too.

Oh, and Betty Lin, your favorite spot for marked-down off-season scores? Tell your friends in San Francisco all about it because they’ve got one down there now, too.

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