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4:23 PM: The Republicans land the first blow of the night: Rand Paul, Republican Tea Partier in Kentucky, has been elected to the Senate.

4:43 PM: And Jim DeMint, Republican in South Carolina, has been reelected for a second term (to the surprise of exactly no one).

5:00 PM: Republican Marco Rubio wins the three-way Senate race in Florida (against meek Democrat Kendrick Meek and Independent Gov. Charlie Crist.

5:05 PM: The Associated Press is also reporting a victory for Democrat Chris Coons against Republican and known witch Christine O'Donnell.

5:47 PM: With other big wins in Arkansas (Democratic Senator—and pal to our own firebrand Sen. Maria Cantwell—Blanche Lincoln projected to lose against Republican John Boozeman) and Indiana (former Republican Sen. Dan Coats wins big over Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth for the seat formerly held by retiring Sen. Evan Bayh) the media types are already starting to give the night to the Republicans.

6:17 PM: Outspoken Democratic Rep. Alan Greyson loses his Florida House seat against Republican candidate "Taliban" Dan Webster.

6:27 PM: Unsurprisingly, New York's Democratic candidate and current Attorney General Andrew Cuomo beats out his "belligerent" opponent Republican Carl Paladino for the governorship of New York State.

6:39 PM: Stats wiz Nate Silver now predicts the Republicans have a 93 percent chance of taking over the House and 3 percent chance of taking over the Senate.
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