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Where: Downtown’s Crowne Plaza Hotel

What: You can rent a Benz, a handbag, and now, your bridesmaid dress. Did you know?

With the launch of Little Borrowed Dress you and your girls don’t have to fret about whether the lime green charmeuse will ever see its way out of a drying cleaning bag after the big event. It’s a nonissue.

Wait, you’re saying, what about tough-to-fit sisters-in-law? Well, at least you won’t have to sit through alterations appointments with her. There are no alterations with LBD. Founder Corle Hardee says the dresses are specifically designed ‘so that they will fit and flatter a variety of body types without requiring alterations; we used various fit models of different height and body type and all the dresses have elastic waistbands which are hidden by the belt or sash, and finally they are in normal sizing, not the bridal sizing, which seems to never fit regardless of your body type.

Okay, but does a dress that’s designed to fit everyone really look good on anyone? Answering that question would be your main motivation for showing up at the Crowne Plaza. Hardee says that "In the next three to six months bridesmaids will be able to order sample dresses to try on at home, but right now it is only possible [at our] trunk shows. The aim of the trunk show is to give brides an opportunity to see the dresses in person and their maids the opportunity to try them on for size. We are hoping both brides and bridesmaids will attend. The bridesmaid can then place an order to either rent or purchase the dress—as long as the wedding date is at least three months in advance (so they can order the dresses at the trunk show but not physically take anything home that day)."

As for how a rentable bridesmaid dress looks, that’s what the slideshow here is for.

When: Sunday, November 21 from 10 to 6; RSVP link is here.

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