A tantalizing salad from a previous Happy Monday at Art of the Table.

Once in a while I write about something on this blog and end up with a few WTF? emails from my friends who’d rather I didn’t spread the word about a thing they love. They want to keep these things to themselves, you see. I lost a few pals after this one, let me tell you.

And talking about Happy Mondays at Art of the Table is risky business indeed. It’s not that it’s a new thing, this weekly discount at the tiny restaurant in Wallingford. It’s just that people love it, and there is limited seating.

Most nights at AotT, guest sign on for a themed multi-course meal created for them with fastidious care by chef Dustin Ronspies. But on Mondays, this model changes. Wine bottles are $26, wines by the glass are $5, beers are $3, and there is an ever-changing selection of discounted small plates. Last week there was a kabocha squash soup for $5, a short ribs special for $14, and a flatbread with sausage, broccoli rabe, chickpea puree, and some other stuff for $8. You might not know exactly what you are going to get, but you know it will rock pretty hard.

HH at AotT runs from 5pm to about 10. Happy Monday.

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