I was in Los Angeles for about 42 hours this weekend. I didn’t have time to go to Varnish or Copa D’Oro as I’d hoped, however I had a fantastic margarita at El Chulo in Santa Monica and I also discovered the secret of happiness: Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Rosé champagne.

The relative I was visiting in Santa Monica recently completed her Masters degree but followed up that accomplishment by breaking her foot while boarding a taxi, thus doing her part to maintain balance in the universe. When we arrived at her condo—"condo" is the kind of word you find yourself using when in LA, the way you might order wheatgrass knowing full well it gives you the gags—my sister and I immediately dropped our bags and set out on a mission to the liquor store. Our goal: to find some bottle special enough to toast our host’s studiousness but cheerful enough to assuage the mild depression that accompanies any slow-healing limb injury maintained after the age of 12. We soon found ourselves faced with the limited inventory at the neighborhood package store (single Tecate cans and homemade pork rinds on the low end, Moet and Veuve gathering dust on the top shelf, and nothing really in between).

Surprised at these options and woozy from the unrelenting shadowless glare of the LA sky, we were unable to pry our eyes from the long box of happiness that houses the pink Veuve. Leaving the store with such a package felt very Real Housewives of Orange County though my sister and I both work full-time and this was Santa Monica. Also, Real Housewives probably don’t shop in liquor stores where bullet proof glass protects the register. But still. It was $62, and, I must say, worth every penny. In the glass, the color is the pink joy of celebration itself and the champers is lush on the palate with a finish that just goes on and on until the breaka breaka dawn. It’s not the sort of thing most of us drink every day, but a word of warning: You will want to. Bad. Like endless sunshine and ocean air, high-end champagne is way to easy too get used to. Especially when it’s pink.

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