Sheri LaVigne’s current favorite cheeses: Mt. Townsend Creamery’s Seastack and Rogue Creamery’s Caveman Blue. Her all-time favorite? “If I had to be left on an island with one cheese, it would have to be Montgomery’s Cheddar aged 25 year

It looks like Sheri LaVigne, the proprietor of soon-to-open The Calf and Kid cheese shop, is already on the fast track to recovery after her financial backer gave her the ole’ boot. On Tuesday she posted an S.O.S. tweet— “Call to action fellow cheese lovers et. al: my investor has flown the coop!” —that inspired responses from three new potential investors. She plans to meet with one of them this weekend.

LaVigne hopes to open The Calf and Kid in the Pearl Apartments building (current home to Anchovies and Olives) before Thanksgiving. She will source directly from smaller, local artisan cheesemakers: Chehalis’s Black Sheep Creamery, Port Townsend’s Mt. Townsend Creamery, Rogue Creamery in Oregon. “Right now, people can only buy these cheeses at the farmers market. We will have them everyday of the week.” LaVigne also promises plenty of “stinky French cheese” along with varieties from Italy and eventually Wisconsin and Vermont. “It’s gonna smell like France in here.”

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