No matter your hairstyle or length, there’s a stuff-collecting, vintage-obsessed, glamor-minded lady on the north end of town who’s got something awfully pretty she’d like to bobby-pin into it.

Jen Carrigan of Violet Magpie creates what used to be called fascinators. You may just call them very pretty—or, one-of-those-things-that-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-wore-to-the-London-premiere-of-her-Sex-and-the-City-movie.

Only Violet Magpie’s accessories are nowhere near as over-the-top and difficult to wear, so maybe don’t worry about what to call them. Just keep in mind the idea of a dramatic but streamlined sweep of soft feathers and vintage baubles next time you have the opportunity to get all dolled-up.

But don’t get too caught up in the dolled-up part. Between SJP — uh, Carrie Bradshaw — and PR’s Kenley Collins’ collection of feathered accessories (click here, scroll down), and a certain LA-based line that keeps cropping up in glossy mags – and even Urban Outfitters offering a few styles that you of course won’t be purchasing because why would you buy from them when you could support a local designer, well, it’s a bona fide trend with a historical backbone.

And sure, you’ll want to go carefully into an outfit that involves Jen’s bright blue feathers and a pair pair of jeans, but the results could definitely be worth it. (For help, you might consult Violet Magpie stylist Tiffany Lowry, Jen’s right hand girl.) The line is available at—where else?Velouria and other shops around town (check the site for more locations.)

[The following local photographers have captured Jen’s work for her site, and by extension, for this post: Sarah Rhoads, Blush Photo, and Jon Hawley.]

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