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Mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan, who's put $200,000 so far into his own campaign, has received nearly $30,000 so far from employees (mostly VPs and attorneys) at T-Mobile, where he's a vice president, according to the Seattle Ethic s and Elections Commission.

Mallahan's latest contribution disclosure reports, filed Monday, include $3,450 from T-Mobile employees out of a total of $5,090.

Additionally, SEEC records indicate that the vast majority of Mallahan's contributions, excepting his personal contribution of $200,000, come from outside Seattle: $61,115, or two-thirds of the $91,795 he's raised.

A quick check of Mallahan's records indicates there may be significant overlap between his T-Mobile contributions and his out-of-town contributions. Out-of-town T-Mobile employees listed in Mallahan's reports live as close as Bellevue, Issaquah, and Sammamish and as far away as New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia.

As we reported in Morning Fizz last month, Mallahan has been accused of anti-union bias because of a memo from T-Mobile's human resources division telling managers how to thwart organizers from the Communications Workers of America.

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