1. Who's going to replace NARAL Executive Director Karen Cooper? Who can possibly replace NARAL Executive Director Karen Cooper? Our local, inimitable, bad ass-Patti Smith-feminist is leaving in April. 

2. Why did Sate Rep. Dave Upthegrove (D-33, Burien) table his own comprehensive global warming bill less than a week after introducing it?

3. Why haven't the House Democrats in Olympia appointed a Caucus Chair yet?

4.  Yesterday in Morning Fizz, we reported that well-known local consultant Donald Stark is leaving his firm Gogerty Stark Marriott to form a new public affairs  firm with consultant Gary Smith. However, the question remains. Who is Gary Smith?


5. It's First Thursday tonight, and there's a special treat at the Davidson Galleries: Artist Ben Beres' first solo show. Beres is a member of the much-acclaimed local art gang, SuttonBeresCuller. Go see Ben's etchings (that's one above). Tonight. (313 Occidental Ave. S. 6-8pm.)
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