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So I had my second dinner at Oddfellows the other night…eh, what’s that? Sorry, just a little touch of the raging tinnitus I’ve suffered since.

ANYWAY…I feel compelled to keep the bulk of my opinions to myself until my actual review is published in the May Seattle Met, but I do find myself itching to weigh in on one little thing. Um…one very little thing.

“All those Ericka Burke places…they’re restaurants for girls!” grumped a colleague. He was talking about his experiences at Burke’s uber-luscious Volunteer Park Café, where he has found the portion size suitable for birds or, apparently, girls.

(Apparently this man knows none of the girls I know, because the ones I know put it away like racehorses.)

ANYWAY, he told me that the portions at Oddfellows are even skimpier. (Ericka Burke owns that new Pike/Pine place with bar impresario Linda Derschang.)

My humble o? The Oddfellows portions, like VPC’s, are closer to regular-sized and everyone else’s are waaaaay too big. (Sorry big manly colleague-who-shall-go-unnamed.) Skinnier than usual sandwich, yes…and outright small portion of short ribs. But for the very affordable prices, fair in size. (And for those poor starving skinny young boho-artist/prowlers who live in the neighborhood and frequent the place, who apparently subsist most days on ice chips and cigarettes—just downright gut-busting.)

And nowhere near the Supersize-Me grotesqueries that pass for dinner portions in many joints these days. Portions many of us have apparently come to expect.

So in my jaded view, the Oddfellow portions are not odd…even for a fellow. Ha.

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