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A man claiming a garbage bag full of unopened cigarette packs that he was carrying was actually given to him by a motorist at an I-5 on ramp was arrested by police, shortly after they found him rummaging around in the Crazy Beans Espresso stand in Wallingford, around 2 a.m. on December 9th.

Officers summoned to the scene by a silent alarm observed the man inside the stand—which, by the way, does in fact sell cigarettes—through a broken window, and noticed that he was stuffing cigarette packs into a bag.

Ordering the suspect to lay face down on the floor, police arrested him after they themselves climbed through the broken window. The suspect denied stealing the cigarettes from the store, instead stating he broke in because he hadn't eaten in two-and-a-half days, and had heard a person will instantly die if the go a full three-and-a-half days without food.

The owner of Crazy Beans Espresso was later able to positively identified the cigarettes. Police gave her a business card with an incident number and returned all of the smokes. Damage to the window is estimated at $200.   

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