In this morning's Morning Fizz ("caffeinated news and gossip"), we went with some dirt we heard about mayoral candidate Mike McGinn: He was reportedly "really rude" to staff and volunteers at the Greater Seattle Business Association candidate forum last week. (GSBA is the gay business association.)

The lunchtime forum was held last Wednesday at the Red Lion in downtown Seattle and about 200 GSBA members showed up.

GSBA executive director Louise Chernin says she did not have any trouble with McGinn herslef, but says: "I heard that McGinn was abrupt and rude to staff. I got calls about it afterwards."

Asked for an example, she said there was an incident over McGinn's nametag, which was misspelled.

We have a call into McGinn.

Chernin also pointed out that McGinn's opponent Joe Mallahan was "gracious" and went out of his way to talk to staff.

On substantive issues, she said "both candidates didn't seem to know much about LGBT issues."

The GSBA, which is the largest gay business association in the country with over 1,000 members, does not endorse candidates—although they have taken a position on Tim Eyman's I-1033 and, of course, R-71, the domestic partners measure. (They're for R-71—a yes votes expands domestic partner rights—and they're against 1033, which freezes government spending at current levels, tacked to inflation.)

In addition to Mallahan and McGinn—all the city council candidates, both city attorney candidates, and both county executive candidates attended the forum.

Conservative county executive candidate Susan Hutchison repeated what she told PubliCola—she supports R-71. Chernin says that surprised some members.

Chernin added a footnote, saying Hutchison said she's promoting R-71 on her website, but Chernin has not found it on the Hutchison site.  Agreed. Hutchison's campaign tells us they plan to update the site to reflect Hutchison's position on R-71 before ballots go out.

Chernin praised Hutchison's rival, Democratic King County Council Member Dow Constantine, who she described as a "longtime leader" on gay rights, noting that Constantine does promote R-71 on his site.

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