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Reason #1 for being a jewelry designer: You get to wear all of your goods. (That’s not necessarily the case with clothing design, right?) Exhibit A: Nicole Richardson, the former designer behind the duo Richardson and Roundtree (you shopped them at Via C in Nordstrom) and now the one and only one-woman-band known as Nico Rich.

When I met up with her to bring you this installment of In the Closet, I knew we’d be doing a special jewelry box edition, but I didn’t know that she’s too practical to have such a thing. See, Nico travels often — to meet with her sales reps, to host trunk shows in San Francisco, to go fetch more delicious gems in New York — and she’s always bringing her hot pieces along. So where you and I have grandmother’s old wooden box, or, you know, bathroom door knobs and whatever surface happens to catch the things as we cast them off at night, she has padded, bullet proof travel cases. Pretty rad.

Here, we look inside those cases and talk to Nicole about her jewelry — which is actually your jewelry. Or, at least, it can be. But honestly most of this stuff got left in San Fran, which is where she was headed right after this video was taken.

Here’s an idea: Consider attending her trunk show at Fremont Jewelry Design next Friday Nov 6. Timed to coincide with the Fremont Art Walk, the try-on fest and accessory party goes from 6 to 9. You can dig through her cases just like we did in her kitchen — and, keep your eye on whatever she’s got on, too. Again: what’s hers is yours, or at least it can be.

Now. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

PLEASE NOTE: My documentary skills are still in the works, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t realize that I couldn’t focus while uh, rolling tape. To make up for that, there is a short slideshow ADDENDUM immediately below this post featuring still images of some of Nico’s pieces. Thanks for your patience.

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