Shannon’s shoes, and Shannon’s sweet bee ring.

A few weeks ago, we talked about Get Hitched Give Hope (see second item). We’re one week and a day from the big event, (read: get your ticket now) and, as is typical a week before any big event, we’re all thinking about what to wear. We? Barbie, Eliza, Kaycee, Wendi, Laurel, Shannon, and Holly-Kate, — aka, the aforeblogged awesome and amazing wedding industry whizzes with the time, energy, dedication, and passion to throw this party, fundraiser, and wedding planning event.

They’ve each sent me a picture or two of outfit elements that they’re sure about; the pieces they know they want to build on. You have to start somewhere. Working from those elements, I’m about to tell them not what not to wear (never seen it, never will) but what seems to me to be just the thing. Right here. So here goes.

Those are Shannon’s shoes up there in the corner, and the sweet ring she wants to sport. I like the idea of starting with accessories; so many women do it — you either know that this is the night I can wear those high sexy heels, or you know, oh, no, it’s flat boots or I’m staying home in front of the TV.

Shannon, I’m thinking lets throw more animal prints into this look. I’m in print-overload this season. The other day I had no fewer than five patterns on my body, and today I have ethnic-ish printed leggings under my winter-floral dress. How about something like this Diane von Furstenberg one-shoulder velvet cheetah dress. Hot!

Not sure about the sac-shape? (I’m sure; I love it) There are about a million and four animal-print wrap dresses out there right now; here’s one at Neiman-Marcus. Keep in mind: You’d want a slinky blend to match the mood of the party, and to counter the somewhat casual ease of the wrap shape.

Nude fishnets, please? Or, with the velvet DVF, totally opaque black hose. Add a big chunky gold chain and you’re, well, golden.

Kaycee, you’re up. I love that you’re starting with jewels here. You obviously have a gorgeous collection of gems and iced-out goodies, and it’s smart to jump on any opportunity to show them off. I love layering these kinds of pieces (and to that end: quite frankly, I think J Crew has been copying me), and I absolutely love the coppers and rose-golds.

Here’s what Kaycee knows: The bling is the thing.

May I direct you to the Merge blog? These looks here by Nuh Novackhett would be perfect compliments to your pink-toned metals. You’d want to bring that kind of look together with opaque black hose, and strong, patent-leather black heel that’ll stand up to your bling.

Alternately, I like something simple and taupe with your accessories. Isn’t this pretty? Neutrals have never been more gorgeous, and less … neutral. Yes, I know, it’s cost-prohibitive. Yikes. And anyway, any actual shopping will be done locally, of course. We’re just dreaming here, and coming up with ideas you can take with you as you shop your closet.

Okay. Wendi. Your turn. Smart lady, you’ve selected an asymmetrical LBD. A sound investment. You can go in so many directions with this.

Is there a little high-heeled shoe-boot you’d like to pair with this? Ala the crazy-cute Alexa Chung? I love the proportion play here; short dress, shortie boot.

A very current LBD for Wendi.

The thing I love about black dresses though, is the opportunity they offer in terms of adding color. I loved colored tights, and a bright bold shoe. Start with the shoe — do you have an electric blue heel? A deep royal purple T-strap in suede? Once you select the colorful footwear, a contrasting tight or hose in the same color family (yellow … did someone say bumblebee yellow…) is an inexpensive way to make the look feel that much more new.

Most one-shoulder dresses aren’t really going to take a necklace. They’ll get confused and it just won’t work. Consider that a word of warning, and permission to go for broke with a big chandelier earring. Maybe a bangle too. And a smart black satin clutch.

Barbie! Where you at? Oh right. There you go with that super sexy LBD and the pearls. Very Gossip Girl-meets-Sex in the City.

The beginnings of Barbie’s pearls and lace look.

I think what you want to do with this already-almost-perfect look is add some textured hose. The pearls aren’t gonna let you go for a ton of color ala Wendi’s look, so add interest with the great hosiery patterns that are all over town. I like these by Betsey Johnson just fine, and you definitely want to check out the new Wolford shop at the Bravern. The Austrian company is a premiere source for gorgeous, luxe legwear.

Also: pretty peep-toe heels in black satin. Delicious.

You’ll probably want to get some color in, and for my money, the color to get in is a deep, rich magenta. Do it with a wrap, or do it with a clutch. And definitely do with a super-hot three-free manicure.

Who’s the lady in red? Laurel! I’m cheating here, because I know you’ll rock a fascinator at the uh … drop of a hat but this is the time, this is the place, and this is the dress. You’ll definitely want to try Violet Magpie’s collection; I know they have some holiday items coming out soon. Give Jen a call and see if you can get in on that!

Laurel’s seeing red.

As you probably know by now, I’m the type to add more to more. And I think the pomp of a feathery cap or little cage veil calls for some sort of brooch or pin, too, and the waist of this dress can really take a pop of something. Rhinestone Rosie has gobs of that sort of thing, or how about an investment in an amazing antique from Isadora’s?

Shoes: I’d love to see something luxe and really colorful. A vivid magenta? Deep purple? Maybe a little of both? Check Posh on Main.

I love these pale gray heels that Eliza has picked out — and the pretty, pearly drop earrings. The gray shoes, on their own, could do just about anything, but paired with the cool-toned earrings, we have a more specific course charted for us.

Shades of gray for Eliza.

I love that almost-black plum color with these shades, and then that whole black-and-white thing is totally in play as well.

Gray on gray on gray on gray would be fun, too. And ouch. Just for inspiration, look at this. Give it some shimmery, silvery eyeshadow and plum lip. Double ouch.

Sort of similarly, you could toss a bunch of metallic shades in a pile and go to town. Eliza, you could rock this. Just let Anna Dello Russo (Vogue Nippon’s ed-at-large) be your gilded inspiration.

On the other hand, navy. When black doesn’t feel up to being black, it’s navy. And I love it when that happens.

And finally, Holly-Kate. Those are great pieces, tons of possibilities. The first thing that comes to mind is that we’re going to want to elevate the scale of the tan shoe with something pretty fantastic, however. I bet you’re up for that.

Holly-Kate’s autumn-to-winter colors.

The colors are great for a late-October event. You can get in some warm autumn hues and inch toward the rich, dark winter colors too. I like the idea of a really deep red with these pieces. Not an firetruck red, but either a deep, ruddy brick red or a red with some orange in it.

You’ll probably want to look for silk jerseys and similar fabrics because, again, you’ll be balancing the potentially casual vibe of the shoe.

For example, I love the emerald green of this dress with that beautiful lavender-y purple necklace, but the fabric is wrong for the shoe. If you went with something silk, you’d want the shape and cut and general feel to be somewhat carefree and oh this old thing? — kinda in line with something like this.

Ladies, I do hope this helps because what you all do to help is just phenomenal. I’m proud to know you all and humbled to have had this opportunity to assist you as you dress for what will definitely be a successful event.

One last note about the shopping here it’d be great if all my fav local boutiques could catalog all their stock online, but of course, that’s a lot of work. It would also be great if there were two of me, and twice as many hours in the day. If so, I’d take my camera to all those places and photograph locally available looks. Failing all that: Go see for yourselves, perhaps referencing this piece from last year on shops with great party dresses (tho sadly, Jeri Rice is closed now).

Wait. Oh, man. I just realized something: I have no idea what I’m going to wear.


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